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The Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber – GOGEC is in full support of the “Greater Guyana Initiative”

The Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber – GOGEC is in full support of the “Greater Guyana Initiative” which was announced by the Stabroek Block partners, Exxon Mobil, Hess and CNOOC Limited who made a long-term commitment to support and expand capacity building efforts and promote Guyana’s Economic Growth and Development.

This is a landmark Corporate Social Responsibility initiative for Guyana and we are anticipating this initiative will see a greater transformation for all of Guyana businesses and the livelihood of its citizens. The Guyana Oil and Gas Energy Chamber- GOGEC compliments the president of ExxonMobil in Guyana Mr. Alistair Routledge for making the budget for this initiative, non-refundable or non-recovery from Guyana oil proceeds as part of an expenditure line item.

GOGEC is willing to work along with EXXON and its partners to implement and help businesses and the citizens of Guyana to realize the significant benefits from Greater Guyana Initiative. The intention is to focus on building the capacity for Guyanese Business, Professionals and Skilled and Unskilled Individuals in the areas listed below. GOGEC will not only concentrate on capacity building to meet the requirements for the Oil and Gas Sector, but also prepare them for other support sector to the Industry and the other sectors of the Guyana Economy.

1. Systems Review and Development

2. Regional and International Certification including ISO

3. Health, Safety and Environment Training and Certification – Businesses and Professional

4. Management Capacity Development

5. Accounting and Auditing Training tailored for the Extractive Industry – Oil and Gas and Mining

The president of the Chamber Mr. Manniram Prashad, believes that this multi- faceted approach will not only significantly educate and grow the Guyanese workforce but also boost competitiveness of local businesses. As such we encourage Guyanese to take full advantage of this initiative to build our human capacity and capitalize on the new and expanded economic opportunities.

GOGEC is the main Private Sector Organization that has been seen as the nexus between the EXXON - Guyana Private Sector – Government

Manniram Prashad


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